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программа госгарантий пермского края на 2018 год

At first office supplies were mere additional articles offered to clients who purchased papers for office needs, from Regent. Within two years however trade in office supplies became an independent line of the Company`s business. Regent found that offices required a wide range of goods and services. Thus, guided exclusively by common sense, logic and market state, Regent introduced Kanzler United Trade System. "Our motto - `we do not sell stationary, but we do take care of your serenity and good mood", Vera Yadykina, Head of UTS KANZLER, says. "Appearance of such a business on the Russian market - integrated supply of companies with everything necessary for their smooth and efficient functioning - is an expected stage of development of business in our country. Firms rendering such services operate all over the world. We adopt their experience through constant enlargement of our range of goods and improvement of our service system." Today a client of UTS KANZLER simply choose the required office equipment, office supplies or paper among the 4000 denominations we offer in our catalogue, make a call or send e-mail with their order to one of 11 sales offices of UTS KANZLER. UTS KANZLER will then make a price offer for the respective order, issue a bill and fix a convenient time of delivery. It is as simple as that! "The demand for such a service as UTS KANZLER offers, with exact execution of specialized orders, is increasing," Ms. Yadykina says. "If any article is absent in our supply list, but is required by the client, our specialists secure a fast procurement of said article in the local or international market. During the last three months of the year 2000, the number of specialized orders handled by UTS KANZLER increased by 50 per cent." "The names of our clients are our best references," Vera Yadykina says.

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