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REGENT Company was incorporated on March 13, 1991. Established as a multipurpose company, Regent quickly determined the area of its principal activity, paper trade, and some years later it gained the leading position in this market. "To begin with we, like many of our colleagues operating on the advertising market, were faced with a strong deficit of paper," Anastasia Vysotkina, General Director of Regent Group, remembers: "It was only possible to order a large shipment of paper, but not a small batch of printing materials sufficient for a single clients needs under one particular printing order." Rather than being resigned to this situation Anastasia endeavored to overcome it forever by establishing a new line in the Company`s activities; paper trading. She acquired 10 tons of paper, and after cutting and sizing, sold it on in small lots, thereby creating the principal business of the company. Henceforth, Anastasia went on to become the General Director of what is now the largest wholesale paper company in...

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