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Regent-Art Trade System, a part of Regent Group of Companies, was always a progressive and innovative system. This very fact was proved in 1998 when a showroom was opened to display not only the papers and paper-boards offered by Regent-Art System, but all types of paper-based activities as well as the best samples of printing design. "The growing printing market, newly established and gathering strength printing plants, advertisement agencies and publishing houses required special service and special attention. For this reason 9 years ago we created Regent-Art Trade System," Elena Subbotina, Head of Moscow Department for Printing Materials Sale, says. "Printing materials represent complex and delicate articles which require special storage and delivery conditions. The range of such goods, however, expands from year to year, so our clients need first of all information and assistance. Taking into consideration the above, our employees try to act as guides in the world of paper. Regent-Art Trade System regularly hold seminars providing its clientele with information on new goods, their consumer properties and printing characteristics." "Paper is our profession," Elena Subbotina continues, "and our professionalism is proved by the fact that Regent-Art became a general supplier for the most popular Russian printing plants involved in printing advertising, production of labels and packages.