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In 2000 Regent became a manufacturer, venturing into the production of stretch film, state-of-the-art packing materials for the developing national industry. Successful experience of Regent in sales arrangement and promotion will allow the Company`s products to gain the leading position. Guided by the rule `quickly respond to the consumer demand and offer the best products at reasonable price,` Regent Group got into production of stretch film at the end of 2000 after installation of the specialized equipment of Bielloni Castello Spa, a widely recognized Italian firm. Efficient production (500 kg of film per hour, or 3000 tons a year) makes Regent the first large manufacturer of stretch film in Russia. Specialists of the Group have paid special attention to the selection of raw material suppliers for film production. "We have decided to apply raw materials only from such primary producers as Dow Chemical, Exxon Mobil Chemical, PolimeriEuropa, Philips Petrochemical, DSM," Mikhail Chureev, Regent`s senior engineer, said. "These materials and compositions are used by the largest European stretch film producers." "We are planning to become stretch film exporters with time," Mr. Churaev said.