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At this time private companies across Russia were looking to equip their offices with appliances of the highest quality. The market shows the increasing need for high-quality expendable materials. Regent therefore started importing ZOOM paper for office needs. Today, ZOOM paper is a favorite of office personnel all over Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, due to its exceptional, consistent quality. "We saw our suppliers` offer to promote this new brand of office paper products in the Russian market as a challenge, and we accepted it," Alexander Serbin, Head of Office Products Division says. "Literally within a few years the paper that was previously known to no-one became Предлагаем купить межкомнатные двери недорого с установкой под ключ a well-known product." It was not, of course, due only to the experience of Regent`s sales and marketing team and their exact distribution system… The superior quality of ZOOM paper, guaranteed by `StoraEnso` naturally also contributed to the new, widespread awareness of ZOOM. In addition, after technological modifications at the ZOOM manufacturing plant in 1999, the quality of ZOOM products have excelled to beyond comparison. In 2000, the wide range of office supplies Regent offers was enriched with Tecnis Paper. Thus its manufacturer, International Paper, joined the partners of Regent Group, namely: StoraEnso, Durable, Esselte, Bong, Rapid, Edding, Folex, Apli, Inoxcrom, Stanger, Van Houtum&Palm, and Universal.