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Due to the fact that Regent Group succeeded in designing its own, unique paper brand, `Velart` coated paper was introduced in Russia. Today `Velart` printing products enjoy wide popularity not only in Russia, but also in other CIS countries. Regent, in its turn, has gone down in history as the first Russian paper wholesaler with own trademark. "It is only now that the term `brand` has became a common term to those involved in business, but 7 years ago however this term was new and somewhat revolutionary even in the Russian market," Oleg Khokhlov, Head of Printing Materials Division, says. "Promotion of own brand in the extremely conservative printing market was a difficult task. But our decision proved to be sound with time; and due to this, Regent has seen the Velart brand become tremendously popular and has obtained a great competitive advantage." At present, Regent Group of Companies exercises the exclusive right to Velart and Mediaprint brands (coated paper, Stora Enso), fine paper produced by Arjo Wiggins, GMUND, Meerssen&Palm, Thibierge&Comar; LumiLabel (label paper, Stora Enso); Go-Print (label paper, Ahlstrom); G-Print (multipurpose coated paper, Stora Enso). "G-Print was introduced onto the Russian market in the middle of 2000 after in-depth market research showed that the Russian market lacked similar products," Oleg Khokhlov says. "These paper products have grown to be highly appreciated by the majority of competent Russian printers who have tested them in their work. Time proved that Regent made a good choice by introducing G-Print onto the Russian market." To be able to provide our customers with the comprehensive range of high-quality printing materials we offer, Regent has worked to create contracts with internationally recognized producers of paper and paperboard, for example: Stora Enso, Raflatac, Metsa-Serla, UPM-Kymmene, Ahlstrom, Petroboard, International Paper (Svetogosk Mill). "We are planning further enlargement of our printing products range," says Oleg Khukhlov.